Spice Up Your Living Room Storage And Display

China cabinets have their place, but why limit yourself to traditional ways of display and storage? Your living room is the perfect place to get creative and show off your stuff, so move that china cabinet back to grandmas and bring in a refreshing new look to your living room storage with these chice ideas.

Creative Shelving
Shelving is getting funky. Most local retailers are getting pretty creative with their shelving designs. They are so nice looking, that you don’t even need to store anything on them. Some of these shelves are square shaped, curved shaped, ‘L’ shaped, and more. Mix and match them together on a wall behind a sofa or above a fireplace to create a unique and updated look for your display and storage areas. Remember, before hanging anything, make sure you have laid out the design you want, either on paper or on the floor. Then you can mark the places to hang your shelves which will ensure that you’ll get the look you want.

Get Rolling!
Who says display cases have to stand still? Using mobile display and storage furniture can be a great solution for people who don’t want to commit to just one layout or design. Use mobile display cases and storage buffets in order to designate, divide or just have fun with your living room layout. Combining other types of mobile chairs and seating can really make your living room a fun work in progress. These mobile display and storage units are also great if you want to visually separate two connecting rooms like a kitchen and a living room for example. One side of the unit can be used for storage and the other side for display. When company comes, roll your mobile buffet into any room to use for serving.

Multi-Functional Display
Creating custom furniture to use as display and storage is definitely eye-catching. Try surrounding a square style sofa with low book cases all around. The bookcases create a great opportunity for storage and display while also adding something unique to the sofa and your living room. They also double as a table by offering a flat surface for you or your guests to put down a drink or plate. Remember, when going custom your only limitation is your imagination. Creativity doesn’t always have to cost a lot. Make sure to cut out images from magazines to show your builder or designer the look, finish and style you are going for.

Make your display and storage furniture a fun and chic part of your living room. Traditional display cases have their place, but there is nothing like the feeling of having something unique, clever and functional to store your stuff and look great!