Create a Finished Look In Your Living Room

So, you have the living room, you have the furniture but somehow it doesn’t seem quite finished. The room and budget may be too small for an interior designer, but there are a few pushes and pulls that you can do to create a finished look to your living room without breaking your wallet. Here are some key areas of the room that can be tweaked to give you a complete and well designed look.

The Layout
The layout of your furniture and accessories is the backbone to a good living room design. If you don’t have a good flow to the room, it will feel awkward and unfriendly. Here are some simple steps to help you properly place your furniture.

  • Find the focus of your living room
    If you watch television in your living room then it makes sense to use the TV as the focal point of the room. Maybe you have huge windows with a beautiful view. In that case, you may choose the windows to be the focal point of your room. Selecting this focal point and placing your furniture accordingly will begin to anchor the room, and give it a purpose.
  • Create more then one seating area
    Depending on the size of your living room, you may decide to break up your space with two or more seating areas. By creating various seating areas you add interest to the room as well as create more seating room for family and guests. One scenario is placing two sofas back to back in the center of the room and then organizing chairs on either side of each sofa. This scenario is for a particularly large living room. If you don’t have quite that much space, you may consider one main seating area with a smaller more intimate seating area off to the side or in front of a window. If don’t have quite that much space, you may consider one main seating area with a smaller more intimate seating area off to the side or in front of a window.

The Floor
Depending on what you have on your floors, an area rug can do wonders to anchor your living room design. Using an area rug under each furniture grouping will help organize and anchor the look of the room which makes it more complete. An area rug is also a great way to tie together the existing colors in the room, or if you find a rug you love before you decorate, it can be your inspiration for color as well.
In addition to these area rugs, you can use runners to define a walkway or a fireplace hearth.

The Windows
Windows play a big part in creating a finished look in your living room. Whether you like traditionally detailed drapery or you prefer a light contemporary look, adding some sort of fabric shade, valance, or curtains to your windows will help to create a completed design.
Having a professional come in to measure and sew your window treatments is great, however with the big shift to “do-it-yourself” design over the last few years, a lot of online companies offer a variety of fabrics and window treatment styles that you can measure, design and install yourself to save some money. They’ll even send you swatches of fabric so you can match it to your other furniture and paint colors in your own home.

The Accessories
Accessorizing your room properly is the final icing on the cake! Adding a unique and special lamp near a sofa is a great conversation piece as well as a functional source of light. If you collect something specific like salt shakers or wooden boats, you can spread them throughout the room, or you can put up shelves to display them together. Don’t clutter the room with “dust collectors” in a desperate attempt to fill the space. If you are still not happy while you are accessorizing, try going back and re-evaluating your layout or other key areas listed above.
Pulling together your living room when you already have some of the furniture and other elements is a great project since you have all your material right there in front of you. You can push, pull and place furniture in a variety of ways until you feel the room come together into a finished living room for you and your guests to enjoy!