Living Room Design

What does a living room mean to you? Some people use their living rooms as formal areas to entertain only guests. Others have large great rooms or family rooms that their daily activities are centered around. Or like some people, you may have a small home or apartment in which the living room has two or three different functions due to minimal space. Whatever type of living room you may have, this section can help you put it all together with tips, articles and information to help you getLIVING.

  • Small Apartment Living Rooms!
    When your living room takes up most of your small apartment space, you need some major multi-functional action in there! How to make the most from your tiny apartment living.
  • Create a Finished Look In Your Living Room
    Complete your living room design with some simple, low budget design ideas that will bring it all together for a complete and stunning look!
  • How Does Your living Room Function?
    The living room has taken on many different functions through the years. For some people it is a formal gathering space, and for others it is a multi-functional room that is used on a daily basis. What will your living room be for you?
  • Spice Up Your Living Room Storage And Display
    Who said living room display and storage has to mean your grandmothers china cabinet? Get fun, funky and oh so chic by thinking out of the display case!
  • All About Sofas!
    Sofas are one of the more complicated furnishings to purchase. Find out what you need to know and ask when shopping for sofas.