Creating a fun, Victorian Saloon Style Dining Room

An old west saloon style dining room is an inviting and fun way to create a dining and gathering space for family and friends. The combination of the sophisticated Victorian era of that time, paired along with the gunslingers and cowboys look offers just enough kitsch to be fun, yet is still an stylish dining room for kids and adults alike. Here are some main elements that you can focus on in order to achieve this look:

  • Table
    The main focus of any dining room tends to be the table. In an old west saloon style dining room, this may not be the case. Something unique that you can do with this type of room is to use 2 or 3 smaller café tables instead of one large static table. This is great for people who do not get much use out of their dining rooms because it feels too formal for daily use.  For the occasions where larger events may take place, you can push the square cafe tables together in order to create a unified table. Add on additional card tables for those really big holidays or gatherings that may occur a few times a year. Look for tables with wood tops that are rough and worn. Pairing that with a heavy Victorian style iron table base offers a nice contrast of rugged sophistication.
  • Dining Chairs
    Whether you choose a large single table, or a few café style tables, this is a great opportunity to have some fun with your dining chairs. Mixing and matching a few different chairs will add to the unique style of the dining room. Try to find chairs that do not match, but do coordinate. Maybe they are the same color of wood, or have a similar look to each other.
    You can also mix and match the fabric or leather on the chair. Pick two or three different colors and alternate them on each chair. It is nice to stay in the browns and reds since these warm colors usually compliment the woods nicely. Using a chair with some exposed wood is always nice, and can have an interesting detail like a Queen Anne style leg to add to the rooms style.
  • Bar
    Next on the list is the bar. What old west saloon style dining room would be complete without a bar! Whether you are into beer or milkshakes, this is a great opportunity to get rid of that traditional sideboard or buffet and create a bar to serve from, sit at or just admire. A custom bar conversational piece where you can have a drink, or entertain guests. If space is tight, you can install it against a wall so that it is only accessed from the front. It can double as a buffet for holidays and gatherings, as well as a means to display glassware and other items.
    For those who do not want to go the custom route, there are a variety of bars available to buy. For an old west saloon style interior, look for something with Victorian detailing. Woods like a light cherry often look good with this style. Darker red woods will also look great.
  • Bar Stools
    Bar stools are a fun and functional accent to your bar as well. A stool without a back is nice if you want to be able to push them under your bar for convenient out of the way storage. Look for something with a leather or leather-like upholstered seat. Some leathers are offered with embossed cowboy or buffalo scenes. Try contrasting this with wrought iron scroll legs for a more Victorian look, or with wood legs for a more rustic feel. (dining_western_barstools)
  • Floors
    Wood floors are always a good look for this type of room. Medium to darker woods work well. A bit of red in the wood is also a nice touch. If you choose to lay out your tables in a café style manner as mentioned above, you may want to throw a cowhide runner or large flat weave (link to glossary) rug on the floor to help fill up or define the center space.
  • Windows
    When designing the old west dining room interior, you may want to use more of a Victorian style drapery rather then something rustic. Materials like velvet, or that feel like velvet are great for this period. Using either a solid color, or and embossed tone on tone pattern can provide just the right backdrop for your old west dining room. (dining_western_drapery)
  • Accessories
    The accessories are an important part of the old west dining room style. Tin signs with cowboy sayings are always fun. Rough wooden shelves to display cowboy and Indian artifacts and iron candle holders can also be a nice touch. Putting leather or animal print pillows on a sofa adds to the fun of the décor. The accessories should really make you feel like you are in a saloon in the old west!

Combining sophisticated details from the Victorian era along with rough and rustic cowboy décor creates a fun, functional and unique way to use your dining room in a non-traditional way. An old west saloon style dining room will definitely create a space that will have everyone gathering there with or without a meal.