Enhance Your Dining Room With Custom Furniture

Custom built-in furniture can greatly enhance the look and function of your dining room by getting the most from your space while also creating a great opportunity to have beautifully detailed furniture.

Why is custom built-in furniture better then store bought?
Hiring a good designer and a good quality shop to build your furniture and fit it into your dining room will allow this furniture to become part of the architecture of your home which enhances the beauty of the room. (diningroom_custom_jeanne) Rather then just sticking a buffet or credenza up against a wall, you can customize your built in furniture by adding crown moldings, base moldings or beautifully detailed doors in order to compliment the style of your home. Since this piece of furniture is becoming an architectural part of the room, in a lot of cases you can even claim it as Capital Improvement in order to not pay tax on it. (check your local state tax laws)

How to Integrate Your Custom Built-In Furniture.
Properly integrating built-in furniture to your dining room is key to making it look like it has always been part of the space. A good space planner or interior designer should know how to do this. In some cases, an area of your dining room may immediately call out for built-in furniture. For example if you have a large niche in the wall or a dropped soffit, these areas are perfect for filling the space with custom furniture. In other cases, adding built-in furniture requires some creative space planning and integration. Adding a soffit to the room so that the furniture appears almost seamless with the rooms architecture is one way of doing this. Wallpapering or painting the soffit also adds a nice touch. (diningroom_custom_soffit)

What Is the Function of Your Built-In Furniture?
Like any piece of storage furniture, it is important to think about how you will use it. For dining rooms, some people like to display dishes or various collections while others like to hide everything behind doors for a more minimal look. Since custom furniture can be tailored to your needs, taking an inventory of what you will keep in your new unit will help define how it will be designed.
If you plan on using part of your dining room unit for display, would you then like a few spot lights to accentuate your collection? Maybe you would like to have plain or decorative glass doors to show what is inside the cabinet. These are design details that you can only decide on once you know how you are going to use the furniture.

Use Your Imagination!
Built in furniture does not have to be static and standard. This is going to be furniture created specifically for your and your style dining room so have fun with it! Your credenza or buffet can double as extra seating when company comes. Or, maybe it becomes a breakfast bar to sit at in the mornings. (diningroom_custom_bar) You can be formal with your furniture, or completely non-traditional. Make it work for you by brainstorming with your designer in order to know what functions this piece of furniture should have.

The Finishing Touch
If you or the shop has a good furniture finisher at their disposal, there are some beautiful ways to finish your piece other then smearing some stain or paint on it. A glazed finish, painted finish with lacquer, and a variety of different exotic woods or veneers can really make your built-in furniture very unique.

Custom built-ins and cabinetry are a great way to define your dining room while adding additional storage and beauty to the room. Pay attention to what the furniture should store or function as and then have fun with the details and finishes.

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