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Here is everything you need to know about designing or decorating your home! Find out how to shop on the internet for great home décor, learn the in’s and out’s to accepting furniture deliveries and dealing with contractors. Get everything you need to complete your design in a time and cost effective way getMORE!

How to Hire an Interior Designer
When planning to hire an interior designer there are a few key things to consider before jumping in. Not every designer will be the right one for your particular project. More…

What Does Your Fashion Style Say About Your Home Decor
What you choose to wear will reflect what you choose to live with. Exploring how you dress, what colors you are comfortable in and how you live and work in these clothes will give you a head start on what type of home fashion and décor will work for you.

What are the different types of Interior Designers?
With so many people calling themselves interior designers, what is the difference between them all? Is a decorator the same as an interior designer? When do you need an architect and not an interior designer? More…

When selecting an area rug for your room, a general rule to follow is to either have the rug large so that there is room to move furniture without it falling off, or small, so that it lays in the center without furniture on it. Unless you have a specific design in mind, furniture half on and half off the rug may not be functional.

When furniture or accessories are delivered to you, don’t forget to notify your interior designer or decorator. They will want to know that it arrived, and that you are pleased with the items. If there is a problem, tell them immediately so they can contact the manufacturer.

When painting a room, don?t forget to have a ?walk through? with your painter in order to cover all areas in question. Even the simplest paint jobs have areas like the door jam and window sills that people often forget to specify.

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