Maximize the Storage Space in your Bedroom

Not everyone has the luxury of endless walk-in closets in their home. For those who need to maximize space in the bedroom area, there are ways to make the most out of your space without compromising the look and décor of the room.

Get the most from your furniture!
Evaluate your existing furniture. For example, if you have nightstands with no shelving or storage below, this could be an opportunity to find a piece that maximizes the space at your bedside. A nightstand with a door helps hide all sorts of clutter from books and paper scraps to photo albums and more. Using a small dresser by your bedside can work well for pajamas, socks and underwear. Just make sure the dresser is not too high to go next to your bed. Another area of the bedroom which often gets unnecessarily cluttered or not used is under the bed. Try buying some under the bed rolling storage carts and storing your seasonal clothes here. If you really want to maximize that space, you can put your bed onto lifts in order to maximize the space underneath. You can fit more accessible drawers under here for heavy sweaters, or excessive shoe storage. If the style fits, a great bed to look into is a captain’s bed which has built-in storage in the base. This one from Gothic Cabinetry Craft has a nice clean, contemporary look to it for use in many style bedrooms. (bedroom_storage_bed)

Accessorize your storage!
Your storage can become part of the accessories in your room. Placing large woven or wicker baskets above an armoire can hold items that you don’t need to access on a regular basis, while at the same time adding a finishing touch to your space. (bedroom_storage_baskets) Make sure you keep your dresser and nightstand tops organized as well. Investing in some decorative organizers for jewelry, or a “catch all” for watches, wallets and eyeglasses helps keep things neat and therefore offers more room for you to store smaller items used daily. If you really want to maximize storage, you can find shallow shelves to line up above the dresser in order to display photos or hold knick knacks that have been piling up.

Built-In Furniture!
Built-in furniture can be one of the best solutions for maximizing storage in small spaces. The advantage to built-in furniture is that you are using the space on your walls as storage as well. When speaking to a designer about a built-in furniture project, remember to find one who can accommodate the style of your room. Built-in furniture can vary from traditional style details and woods through to high pressure bright colored laminates with stainless steel minimal hardware. (insert contemporary and traditional built-in styles) Consulting with a professional designer will help maximize your specific storage needs.

Foot of the Bed!
If you have space in front of your bed, try adding a storage bench. By putting a storage bench at the foot of the bed, you have yet again utilized space for your bedroom. This storage bench is great for keeping extra sheets, pillows or blankets in. Not to mention the fact that you now have a handy place to sit and put your shoes or socks on. This one from The Company Store is practical and stylish. (bedroom_storage_bench) Another solution for foot of the bed storage is a pop up television unit. By placing your television in one of these units, you have the advantage of using your dresser or wall space where it was before, for other storage purposes. Pop-up television units come in a variety of styles with a variety of mechanisms for standard televisions to flat screens or plasmas. Just remember that if you decide to have a unit or bench in front of the bed, it is ideal to keep a walkway of about 30” – 36” minimum for appropriate clearance.

Over the Headboard!
Although the look of a large upholstered headboard can be great in some places, try getting rid of that big space waster and replacing it with a lower version which can have storage units hung above it. Utilizing the storage over your headboard for books, photos, or other small items is a creative and decorative way to enhance your space. This shelf unit from West Elm is a shelf with built-in storage. (bedroom_storage_shelf)

A small bedroom needs to maximize storage, however don’t sacrifice the space in order to cram in random furniture. Make sure you place things in a smart and efficient way in order to keep a sense of peace and order to your bedroom area. Remember that this is a place for you to relax and be comfortable, not to feel as if your furniture has taken over your bedroom.