Help! My electronics are taking over my bedroom.

Incorporating your television, sound system, and multiple DVD and cable boxes into your peaceful bedroom retreat can pose quite a challenge. Although you may enjoy watching movies and television in bed, you may not enjoy staring at a television set when it’s not in use. So how can you incorporate the slick world of technology into your intimate bedroom space?

Furniture for Televisions
One of the most available solutions to hide a television is an enclosed entertainment center. There are many companies that make TV armoires in a variety of styles which would be more suited to a bedroom. You can also try converting a clothing armoire with hanging storage into one to house your television. The drawers or cabinets below can be used for either DVD’s and CD’s or clothing and accessories.
Things to think about before buying a TV armoire:

  • Make sure the cabinet is deep enough for the television and its components.
  • Make sure the doors will not block your view when they are open. Some units even come with doors that slide back into the piece, this way they will not swing in front of the TV.
  • Make sure that there is access to the wires from the back of the TV and components to the wall and cable outlet. Most TV armoires are sold with a predrilled hole in the back of the cabinet for this purpose. TRY brayton armoire.

Another type of furniture solution to hide your TV in the bedroom is a pop up television unit. These are great for putting at the foot of the bed or against a wall. A pop-up television unit can be virtually anything from an old vintage chest to a customized modern piece that looks sculptural. These pieces operate on a variety of lifts that respond to a remote or wall control. When not in use, it just appears as a piece of accent furniture, however, once you access it, the television raises from inside the piece for your viewing pleasure. There are different types of pop-up television units that are made for standard televisions and of course the now popular LCD or plasma units which are good for tighter spaces.

An alternative to this automatic unit would be to find a trunk or chest and hang a small plasma or LCD television on the inside of the top. When doing this, it is very important to remember to use a slow closing hinge so that the top does not crash down and damage the television.
Things to think about before buying a pop-up television unit:

  • If you are going to use this piece in front of a bed, or not up against a wall, make sure you have a floor outlet located below the piece, as well as access to your cable connection, this way you don’t have wires running across the room.

In addition to your television, you may also have the issue of exposed speakers and woofers. Your audio visual installer or vendor will recommend the location for the best sound quality, however there are a few ways to make these items less conspicuous.
If you are having speakers put into the wall or ceiling, ask for speaker covers that can be painted. This way, you can paint them out the same color as your wall and they will be less obvious.

Another option is using a customized end table or nightstand to house these speakers and woofers. Some home theater companies make custom furniture for that purpose. Otherwise you can have an existing nightstand or unit made. The key is to make sure the sound comes through the unit. One way to do this is to remove or cut out the inner panel of the door and insert a frame that has been covered with speaker or panel fabric. Ask your audio visual installer if the fabric will produce good sound transmission before you buy it.

Architectural Solutions
Other then hiding your television in a piece of furniture, you can incorporate it into the room in other ways. Plasma or LCD televisions are great options for this since they can be hung on the wall and are very slim.

Before hanging your television, think about the design or the room and how you can make it become part of the decor. Paneling the surrounding wall and integrate the television into the panel design. Although the television is exposed, it will be part of a unique and creative solution to making it less about the technology and more about your bedroom.

Another way to disguise your television in a more architectural way is to put in sliding panels on a track. Hang your LCD or plasma TV on the wall and install a track a few inches away from it. Depending on the length of the wall and the rest of your design, you can choose to run the track the entire length of the wall and add a variety of panels, or you can just use two and limit the track’s length just enough so you can slide the panels open to watch television.

Televisions and electronics keep on growing and new possibilities are always available. Because of this, there are always new and innovative ways to incorporate such a dominate feature into your room design. Whether you choose to hide your television or display its slick aesthetic, remember to smartly integrate it with the rest of your décor.