Country Style Bedroom: Which Style is right for you?

Whether you live in the city, the mountains or the beach, you can enjoy a country style bedroom regardless of your surroundings. Decorating in a country style can mean different things. Here are a few options to consider, as well as some tips on how to achieve your country bedroom look.

Rustic Country:
A rustic country bedroom combines the heavier, darker woods and colors of a log cabin style, with a lighter, more airy feel of the country style. How to get the look:
Using some key pieces of furniture in a rustic, twig style like your nightstands, dressers and even bed frame will immediately bring in the log cabin sense of décor to the room. One way to keep the room balanced between this heavier log like aesthetic and a brighter, more country style look, is using lighter, more refreshing colors on the walls and ceiling. A warm soft color like Benjamin Moore’s Desert Tan, is a great color for bedroom walls. Try using one shade lighter on the ceilings and one shade darker for window and door trims. These softer colors on the background will mix well with the darker rustic furniture.
Keeping the space uncluttered and open also adds to the country feel. Display knick knacks and rustic accents in small groups spaced out lightly through the room in order to avoid a heavy cluttered look.

Cottage Country:
There is nothing as quaint and charming as a room that has a cottage décor. This room is refreshing, yet elegantly detailed. Its crisp, fresh feel adds a sense of peace and revitalization to your master bedroom area. How to get the look:
Painted furniture is great for a cottage style master bedroom. The rubbed, slightly worn look adds character, yet because it is painted it is brighter then furniture with a wooden look. (bedroom_country_painted) Using fun flowered wallpaper is also a great way to get a cottage style look. Keeping the background of the paper light with stylized flower patterns will add a fresh bright look to the room.
Another cottage style touch is putting up painted shutters on the sides of the interior windows. Add either nickel hinges for a clean more contemporary look, or try a dark or antique bronze hinges for a more vintage feel. Decorative pulls and knobs on your dressers and furniture also works nicely for a more eclectic look.

Romantic Country:
For a romantic country look in you master bedroom design, picture the English country side, eclectic displays, and deep, warm accent colors. The romantic country look fits a master bedroom perfectly since it emanates an inviting, sensual feeling in the space. (bedroom_country_romantic) How to get the look:
Floral patterns on wallpapers and fabrics works well here, however in this case, a light ground color should be accented by rich deep colors like burgundy’s, forest greens or deep yellows in the floral design. More traditional looking flowers with more detail shown adds to the very romantic look.
(bedroom_country_english) Honey colored woods used in the furniture appear very rich when used in conjunction with these deep colors in the fabrics and wallpapers.
Accessories and knick knacks work great in a space like this. Try to set up your items in clusters around the room. Throwing a handmade quilt or throw on the bed or a rocking chair adds warmth. Small handmade decorative pillows are also nice to place on the bed or a chair.

Pop country is a modern twist on the country look. This style is great for an urban home or apartment since it mixes traditional floral patterns found in country looks, with innovative bold colors and shapes. How to get the look:
Bold color contrast is the key to this look. Try looking for prints that have bright white ground colors which are accented by very bright blues, greens, yellows, pinks or reds. (bedroom_country_pop) Using bold colors on the walls and on the moldings adds to that pop style as well. For the less courageous, try a light, but crisp colored wallpaper that shows more of a stylized contemporary floral print. For a true pop country look, the fun part is putting a spin on the country look. Try painted furniture in wild, bright colors (bedroom_country_poppainted). Decorative hardware in bold, simple shapes can also add a lot of interest to this look.

Your master bedroom is your personal space. It should reflect your personality and preference since it is just for you. No matter which country category you choose, make sure it creates a space you can enjoy and relax in.