Creatw a Bold Bedroom Interior!

Adding bold style to your bedroom interior can be done on a large or small scale. Whether you just want to punch it up a bit with some inexpensive details, or you are performing a full blown renovation, you can create a space that is anything but subtle! Here are some different ways to incorporate your own unique and bold style into your bedroom interior.

Adding colorful bold accents into your bedroom is a great option for those who are not investing a lot of time or money into a full blown renovation. By keeping the background fairly calm, or monochrome, your accents will really stand out.
First select your bold color palette and accent colors. To do this, find an accessory with bright, strong colors that you have or that you want to buy, and use it to base your color scheme on. A painting, throw pillows or a piece of accent furniture are good examples of these types of accessories. These will be the accent colors you use throughout the room that will contrast your calmer background colors.

Now that you have your bold color inspiration, you can pull some more subtle colors for the rest of the background which will make your bold accents really ‘pop’ out! Your background colors should have some relation to your accent colors. For example, if your accent colors are bright greens, purples and reds, you may want to choose a crisp white color range for the rest of the room. This will create a bright bold bedroom color scheme.

If your accent colors are deep warm reds, oranges and yellows, then your background colors should be softer neutral tones that create an overall sense of warmth in your bedroom.

Where to Begin?
Since your bed is most likely a major design element in your bedroom, it will be a good place to start. Bring in solid or subtle pattern on pattern sheets and pillow cases which have your softer background colors in them. Now, look at the inspirational accessory you have chosen and pull out some of the colors from it to use as your scheme for accent pillows and throws. You can vary the ratio between background color and accent color as much as you like in order to achieve the look you want.

Now you can begin spreading your background colors throughout the rest of the room, on the walls, window treatments and furniture. Refer back to your bold color palette in order to splash these colors around the room once your neutral colors are in place. You can contrast bold wallpaper borders against your neutral wall, or add a few funky paintings, artwork, or graphic images in order to achieve your look. Layering brightly colored sheers against neutral drapery can add excitement. Try adding a bold colored tie-back to accent hanging curtains. You can even go one step further and add a colorful, funky trim to the edges of your neutral colored curtains.
TIP: Your entire background color scheme does not have to be the same exact color.
A subtle variation in the neutral patterns and shades will add to the interest of your bedroom interior. As you build this bold bedroom interior you can add and shift colorful accents throughout the room in order to comply with your unique tastes. Remember that these accessories are easy and inexpensive to change later on, so have fun with it and go bold!