Using Tile for a Rustic Bathroom Look

Decorative Tile is a great way to add rustic style and interest to any bathroom. With these tiles and an interesting design, you can turn your bathroom into a rustic masterpiece. Tile is the most popular material choice for bathrooms due to durability against wetness and humidity. In addition to its function, it can be used to create a variety of designs from simple and subtle accents across a wall to full blown murals and scenes designed with tiles.

What is Rustic to you?
Rustic can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Do you envision bears and a forest of endless tress? Maybe rustic to you means an Italian villa in the countryside. Try starting with your immediate surroundings in order to clue you in to your rustic style. Having a home in the mountains of upstate New York as opposed to apartment in L.A. will mean very different color schemes and style choices. First choose a color scheme that will suit you. For a forest filled mountain retreat, try using deep greens, browns and soft earth tones for your bathroom tile. If you are more of the house on a lake type then brining in blues, greens and whites would compliment that bathroom nicely.

Once the color scheme is chosen, it is time to find your materials. Rustic tiles tend to have an unfinished quality about them. Terracotta, brick, pavers tiles or Mexican hand-painted tiles are a few examples of these materials. In a bathroom, it is very important that the materials you choose are durable and will resist moisture and mildew. For this reason, you may choose to limit your use of these unfinished and more porous materials to certain areas, while using more durable stones that compliment these colors and styles in the majority of the bathroom or in areas prone to wetness like the shower. Combining some terracotta or concrete material with a less porous ceramic tile in a complimentary color can work nicely and not need a lot of maintenance.

Rustic Tile Designs
Using ceramic or porcelain tiles with patterns and scenes on them can be fun as well. These tiles resist humidity and moisture while still incorporating a fun, rustic element to the design. So how do we translate rustic patterns and scenes into a tile scheme? Think of a rustic scene you like, for example, a gathering of trees or a Tuscan pattern or motif. Next, begin to shop for tiles that create this scene. Pratt and Larsen has a great selection of rustic inspired tiles, one design in particular gets placed together from individual tiles in order to form a forest of evergreen trees.

Don’t go overboard!
Although it can be fun to create scenes and decoration with tiles, using too many patterned tiles will result in overkill. In order to prevent this confusion, try to narrow down the sort of rustic theme you want to portray. If your rustic theme is animals or forests, create a main scene in one or two specific areas like a shower wall or over a bathtub as a backsplash. Then, you can bring smaller elements of it into the rest of the room by using solid colored coordinating tiles that have a bit of design in them scattered through the rest of the bathroom. For example, if you have chosen to create a more elaborate forest scene over your tub, maybe you choose to bring small leaf or wildlife tiles subtly scattered through your tile floor or sink backsplash.

Custom with Confidence!
If you are ordering a custom color or pattern on a tile, make sure the company will send you a strike-off or sample for your approval. Most companies require a third or half deposit of the order before they proceed with samples. Most good companies will make sure you are completely satisfied with the sample of their work before finishing the order. Be respectful of their time by limiting the number of color combinations or designs that you want samples of by about three of four depending on the size and intricacy of the job.

Your rustic bathroom should reflect you, your surroundings and some sort of nature inspired elements. How literal or abstract you choose to go is up to you. Since tile is such a great material to use in bathrooms, it can really bring in that rustic design element.