Make Your Small Powder Room Spectacular!

A powder room is an important area in your home or apartment because this is the area for your guests. This area, like the rest of your home, should reflect your taste, style and way of living. A small powder room is a great opportunity to do this while being really creative with design details.

Giving your guests the sense of openness is important in a small powder room. The design and layout of the space will help achieve it. Depending on how small your powder room is, you may need to be creative with your plumbing fixture placements. Putting a small sink in a corner will help save some space. Also make sure that the toilet is in proportion to the powder room. Aim to have as much room as possible in front of the toilet in order for your guests not to feel trapped. Think about access to things like toilet paper and hand towels as well

In addition to the obvious facilities like the toilet and sink, your guests may also come here for a moments break or privacy. Using bright or soft toned paint colors is one way to keep the small space feeling airy and inviting. That does not mean that all four walls must be white. On the contrary, there are some beautiful color combinations that offer this feeling while still being unique and eye catching. Light butter yellows or sage greens can do wonders for a small powder room area. You can also add in complimentary colors on the moldings in order to create a more dynamic effect.

Decorative Painting
In small powder rooms with high ceilings over nine feet, painting a decorative border around the walls can help make the room feel a bit more human in scale. By painting a border at about eight or nine feet high on the wall, you will visually lower the verticality of the room. This will make the room feel more welcoming to guests while also creating a unique and interesting detail.

Plumbing Fixtures
The plumbing fixtures you select for your powder room are very important. A unique sink faucet that compliments the style of your powder room, or a custom sink vanity can become the focal point of the space. Finding an old dresser or other piece of furniture, and making it into the sink vanity adds unique detail to the room. Another important detail is selecting the finish of your plumbing fixtures. Plumbing fixtures do not have to be a standard polished chrome. Instead try using a rich oil rubbed bronze or an antiqued brass to add to the warmth of the room.

Towel bars and Accessories
The towel bars and accessories should be easily accessible from the toilet or the sink. Usually the finish on these is coordinated with the plumbing fixtures, but depending on the look you want, they don’t have to be an exact match. If you are selecting a towel bar, make sure that you know what size towel and how many you want on each bar. Two hand towels on a single bar are common for a powder room. You can also use a towel hook or ring as an alternate to the towel bar. These are good options for very small spaces. Make sure you measure the wall space where the accessory is going to make sure you select the correct size.

Placing a hook on the inside facing part of the door is a good idea if your guest needs to hang a coat or their bag. You can coordinate the hook with the rest of your fixtures and accessories, or you can have some fun and have the hook in an entirely different material or color. Just make sure it makes sense with the overall style or feel.

Window Treatments
Window treatments in a powder room are very important. The last thing you want your guest to feel is as if they are putting on a show. A fabric roman shade is a great idea for a powder room since the fabric adds interest to the room even when it is raised, and is easy for guests to close for privacy. A unique twist on the roman shade is an upside down roman shade. This is when the shade begins on the window sill and moves upward for more privacy. This is particularly good for powder rooms since you don’t have to bring it all the way to the top for privacy which lets light still come in. A roman shade is a nice look for contemporary to country styles.

Your powder room is a place for your guests to find something interesting and unique about your home. Whether it is in a hand painted finish or a unique towel bar or plumbing fixture, make sure it is a fun and creative expression of you and your home.