Decorative hardware and accessories for your bathroom

Decorative hardware and accessories for your bathroom are an important part of the style and design of the room. Most bathrooms are generally filled with tile and stone materials. By adding unique decorative hardware and accessories to your bathroom, you can break the monotony by adding a layer of interest with these accessories.

Before you go off shopping, you will first need to decide what type of hardware and accessories are necessary for your bathroom.

  • Do you want a pull or a knob for cabinetry?
  • What size accessories and hardware should you use?
  • Where will the placement and location of these items be?
  • How many should you get of each?

To Pull or To Knob?
Function First: Deciding between a pull and a knob for your cabinetry doors and drawers is more about function then aesthetic. If you have a large, deep drawer for example, you will probably want to use two pulls on either end of the drawer. This is an easier way to use the drawer. If you want to mix and match knobs and pulls, a general rule of thumb is to use knobs on the doors and pulls on the drawers. This will mix the hardware while still looking coordinated.

(bath_hardware) Hardware Style: Choosing between knobs and pulls will also have to do with the style of the bathroom. If you have very minimal, contemporary furniture then using long thin pulls on your cabinetry will add to this contemporary look. Perhaps you want your cabinetry so minimal that you don’t even want to see pulls and knobs. You can purchase or build a vanity that opens without any hardware. A country or rustic style bathroom on the other hand, would look charming with a mix and match of various ceramic painted knobs and pulls. Bathroom Accessory Style: Your bathroom accessories like towel bars, towel rings, robe hooks and toilet paper holders can be selected to match almost any style bathroom. You can find accessories that match a design period like the Arts and Crafts style to the Greek Revival period. Add a bit of kitsch to the room with accessories that have cut outs of animals or nature scenes on them as a funky creative option. Finally, you can always compliment your pristine, minimal space with simple, clean lined accessories in a variety of finishes.

Selecting Hardware Sizes:
The size of the bathroom accessories and hardware you use should be in proportion to the size of the furniture and the bathroom itself. Putting a tiny knob on a large drawer or door would look out of scale and not function as comfortably, just as using a large bulky pull on a delicate door would look akward. The size of the hardware on bathroom furniture should be a combination of making sure it will function properly as well as look visually correct.
The size of your bathroom accessories like towel bars, toilet paper holders and hooks will also have a big effect on what your bathroom looks like. Most towel bars come in a variety of standard sizes, the smallest usually being 12” and the largest at about 36” wide. The first step in choosing the size of your towel bar is to measure the width of the space where you are placing them. If you find that you are limited in locations for towel bars, you can use a narrower double bar that will hold twice the towels in less space. For hand towels by the sink, you can opt for a towel ring instead of a towel bar to save space as well.

Hardware Placement
When placing your decorative pulls or knobs, think about how you will be opening the door. If it is a very high door, placing a long pull across the bottom of the cabinet may be more functional for you. If it is a door on a lower cabinet, a knob or pull near the top corner or a long pull placed across the entire top of the door will make more sense. Walk around your bathroom with a tape measure and measure the location for each piece of hardware. For example, if you are placing a pull on the frame of a door, you want to make sure that you know the width of the frame so that you get something that fits. You can also mark the location of the knob or pull with blue painters tape so you remember each location. TIP: Remember the mark the area where the screw or screws will be drilled so you will have a more accurate location.

Your decorative hardware and accessories are a nice way to complete and compliment your bathroom décor. Remember that these items can be changed pretty easily down the line, so have fun with your choices when shopping for decorative hardware and accessories in the bathroom.