Creating A Spa Retreat

Going to a spa is a calming and relaxing experience. You can achieve this same sense of calmness and relaxation in your bathroom at home by bringing in natural elements that create a mood of serenity.

If you are embarking on a full renovation or if you are building a home from scratch, there are some new and innovative elements to use in your bathroom that will really add to your home spa experience.

  • Chromotherapy: This is a healing and relaxing treatment that is a holistic practice. It utilizes color as a means to balance and heal your body from its imbalances and stresses. Chromotherapy is becoming very popular to incorporate into home spa products and fixtures like tubs or showers. How to get it:
    • Kohler’s Sok bath has incorporated color into its design. Using LED technology, you can press a button and enjoy an experience of color washing over you as the hues change from subtle to solid to subtle again varying in color. The tub has a built-in overflow as well as jets for an additional spa like experience. Ask your designer, architect or builder for their wholesale trade cost.
    • The luxury light shower system sold by Ondine is an amazing stream of water and color that pour over you and used the chromotherapy method to heal your mood and well being. They are represented through various dealers. Ask your designer or local distrubuter for more information.
  • Heated Floors: On a cold morning, there is nothing quite like stepping out of a steamy hot shower onto a warm, heated floor in order to keep the toasty warm feel of a hot shower. Stone or tile floors can become very cold and may ruin the amazing bathing experience you just had becuase of their cold feel. By installing heat underneath your flooring, you can always have a warm and undisturbed morning, noon or night. Ask your architect or builder for more information for what is right for your home.
  • Organization: The area where you perform a lot of bathroom activities, like putting on make-up, shaving, washing up and so on, can make a big difference in the aesthetic and comfort of your spa bathroom. Function is an important issue here since it is not relaxing to be unorganized and cluttered. Make sure you review with your designer all the necessary items you will need to store and how you like to use the space. The more detailed you are, the better you will be able to utilize the space in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.
  • Decorative Plumbing Fixtures: Choosing the decorative plumbing fixtures and accessories in your spa bathroom add to your retreat feeling. Since comfort is an important part of a spa bathroom, your faucets and fixtures should be easy and enjoyable for you to use. There are different types of faucet handles to use like cross handles and lever handles. Make sure you spend a bit of time in plumbing showrooms or suppliers warehouses in order to decide what sort of handle you prefer most.

For bathrooms that need more of an overall spa feeling without the heavy duty renovations or new fixtures, here are some tips on how to achieve this look through decorative accessories.

  • Candles: A very calming and mood enhancing item for not a lot of money. Arrange some various sized, thick pillar candles in a cluster by a bathtub can create a calming aesthetic.
  • Tub Shelf: A tub shelf that is set up with useful bath accessories keeps your tub time organized and accessible. Just make sure to keep it minimal and organized.
  • Calming wall art: Putting images of serene settings and other relaxing images will inspire you to drift off to a daydreaming state where you can put aside your hectic schedule and surroundings for a short time.
  • Anti- Potpourri: Using traditional types of potpourri is a bit outdated and not necessarily the clean, spa look you are aiming for. Instead, try one of the new types of reed diffusers which include a jar of scented oil and reed sticks that send the scent into the room. They can be found now at most home accessories stores like Bed Bath and Beyond or on various online websites as well.
  • Stones: Another nice element to have in a spa bathroom are small smooth stones in a variety of shades and sizes. You can gather them into a small glass bowl or vase and place on a shelf for decoration or you can place a group of them on the rim or shelf of a tub for a more earthy look.
  • Towels: Towels definitely create a warm spa like experience. Investing money in good quality, fluffy towels will make you feel like a million dollars without spending that much. Frontgate has spa towels that keep you cozy after a Jacuzzi or shower. If you have open shelving or an area that needs some accessorizing, roll up a few bath and hand towels and pile them in a pyramid for use and display.

Remember that no matter what size renovation you are performing in your bathroom, the first step to a relaxing environment is a clean, clutter free space. Your spa bathroom should reflect your preferred style in a well organized and calming manner so that the day’s worries melt away in your new serene oasis.